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VR in the Classroom

Jarvis Buckman

· Technology,Education,Jarvis Buckman

I’ve discussed technology in various blogs in the past. It’s developing at breakneck speeds and fundamentally changing the way that humans interact with one another. From construction to healthcare and every industry in between. One industry that can stand to grow from technology is education. Again, I’ve highlighted this before in previous blogs, but I wanted to really hone in on one particular piece of technology that has the potential to really grow: virtual reality.

In short, virtual reality (also known as VR) is a broad term used for any technology that creates a virtual environment. VR has blown up in recent years, with its roots closely associated with video games. In fact, the video game industry has seen a bit of a VR resurgence in recent years. Because of this resurgence, new and fascinating advances in VR technology have developed. Like most tech, VR can be applied to multiple sectors, including education. And VR shows great promise within the classroom walls.

According to an article from, a survey revealed that half of the country’s education professionals would enjoy utilizing a virtual environment to facilitate new and exciting educational endeavors. Needless to say, there is certainly interest in the technology. But is it a viable avenue for education? Well, if a recent experiment conducted by researchers is anything to go by, then, yes, it very well may be.

To read the full article, written by Jarvis Buckman, click the link.

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