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The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

Jarvis Buckman

· Jarvis Buckman,Leadership,Management,Business

Being a manager is hard, but being a leader is even trickier. Some people don’t realize the distinction between the two, but it is stark. Being a manager is vastly different from being a leader. From the way you present yourself to your team to the behind-the-scenes tactics you utilize, everything that you do impacts the way that you are viewed by your team. So, what exactly separates a leader from a manager? Well, I’ve compiled a small list of characteristics and traits that can turn your mundane management position into an exciting leadership opportunity.

Goals Versus Vision

One of the biggest differences between a leader and a manager is the mindset. Managers tend to focus on creating tasks to achieve certain goals, while leaders instead have a vision of where they want the team (or the company, business, etc.) to to go. Leaders know that in order to achieve success, they must inspire their team members to collaborate and work together to make the vision a reality. Managers, on the other hand, like to focus on the individual, and how he or she can reach specific, individual goals.

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